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3D Face Mask Support Frame for Adult Insert Inner Support Plastic Mask Bracket New Upgrade Clip Design Protector Stand Nose Protection Lipstick Reusable Washable 5Pcs

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Packaging & Size--⭐1 pack of 5 upgraded 3D mask holders (excluding masks or other fabrics), about 2*3.3*4.2 (upper length*lower length*height, please see the size picture, subject to the picture display⭐⭐⭐) . Please compare the size before buying. Function--⭐plastic mask insert can make your face mask minimize skin contact, which helps prevent smudging of carefully applied cosmetics.Face mask frame helps to keep the mask down to better wear the glasses, and it can also make your glasses less foggy. Summer companion--⭐Mask inner support create a space between your face and mask, thereby improving comfort, breathability and communication ability. At the same time, the adjustable clip allows you to easily adjust the fit of the mask and reduce upward escape the amount of warm air produced is especially suitable for you who need to wear a mask for a long time in summer. Material--⭐Face mask support frame made of environmentally friendly plastic, can be recycled, folded and bent at will, the under mask support is light in weight, a single weight is less than 0.1 ounces, which reduces the pressure on the face and makes the face cooler in summer. Design--⭐Mask guards for under mask has two upper and lower clips, the overall shape is like a ladder, the upper and lower clips can be fixed on the mask without falling, the frame effect is very good, no more mask sticking to your lips. The face support reduces friction and protects the lining from getting dirty.
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Features: The Benefits of Using The face mask inner support: ✔Can be worn for a long time Lightweight, less pressure on the face, more comfortable to wear ✔Without touching with mouth and nose directly, avoid allergies Create a large breathing space, the clip can be adjusted, breathing more smoothly ✔Prevents fogging of glasses Adjustable clips on the support frame can easily adjust the fit of the mask and reduce the amount of hot air escaping upward ✔Protect your makeup The face mask frame with clips keeps your mask away from your face and minimizes contact with the skin, which helps prevent smudging of carefully applied makeup.