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andwe Small Animals Play Balls Rolling Chew Toys & Gnawing Treats for Rabbits Guinea Pigs Chinchilla Bunny Degus - Pet Cage Entertainment Accessories Pack of 8

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Ideal for Rabbits, Guinea pigs, Bunnies, Chinchillas, Degus or other Rodents, also a gift choice for your furry friends. Easy to nibble – Due to suitable size, your cute critter can easily get their teeth around it and toss it to entertain themselves to enjoy enrichment. Diameter of balls around 3-inch. Mobile Foraging Game - Try to put some rabbit food pellet or snacks inside of ball, attract them to play seek games, help to provoke their interests and exploration again. Chewable Toys – Balls are made by natural materials such as seagrass, water hyacinth, rattan, willow twigs, corn husk, or coco fiber, there are rich in high-fiber and benefit to keep your pets teeth trimmed. also a perfect alternative of plastic toys. Activity Rolling & Play Balls– Includes pack of 8 different handmade balls, Be good to improve and encourage interest, curiosity and movement from your rodent friends, such as rabbits loves push it around the cage and nibble or shred ball toys to break boredom.
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Size:Pack of 8andwe Play & Treat balls are a wholesome and appealing playtime chew toy, which made of natural seagrass, water hyacinth, rattan, willow twigs, corn husk, or coco fiber there are pet-safe for your pet to chew. Pet Ball Toys encourage your pets to explore, rolling, toss or bite it to enjoy the play & fun time to prevent boredom. Also help to keep pets away from your furniture. It's also chewable, which promotes to grind teeth while satisfying your pet's natural instinct to chew. Since items are made from natural materials and easy to shred by rodent, it's not lasting long toys. If you wants to find some durable toys for your lovely pets, please try to find our other items to see if it's match your needs It's also a funny moment to watch as your pet will nudge, nibble, and chew this fun toy which help them to alleviate cage boredom. Suggested for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, degus, rats, hedgehogs and other small animals. Notice: Always supervise pets at play. Thoroughly inspect toys and accessories on a daily basis. And remove it out from cage promptly if you noticed damaged Package Includes:1x pack of 8 - andwe pet activity balls *** Unique gift set which are handmade and packaged, whether you purchase it for own pets or take it as present for someone who have pet